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My channel’s direction and future streams.

First I want to start off with my channel. For some time now I’ve been holding back creative ideas as well as already made content because I felt it was too similar to something. Whether it be a well known TV Show or a familiar Youtube channel.

That changes today. I’m no longer going to worry about the hate I’ll receive from having a video too similar to someone else’s video, or a style too similar to someone else. In the past I’ve been told I’m copying several youtubers, but honestly, everyone is doing the same thing now, it’s hard to innovate.

I’m not going to directly copy someone’s work and claim it as my own, I’m not that kind of guy; however, I do tend to take from people’s ideas and improve on them, and make them my own. I feel like as long as I’m actually putting work and effort into it, it shouldn’t make a damn how similar it is to someone else.

Which leads me to another issue with my channel. I’ve always been so worried about what people will think of me with the content I provide, and honestly, I now no longer give a damn. People are either going to love me or hate me, I can’t change who I am and I can’t change the things I say.

With these changes, I will also be making a revamp of my site/channels in the near future (Again? Yeah I know.). I want everything to flow even more than it already does and I want information to be streamlined best as possible.

Speaking of which, streams will be a lot more organized in the future. I personally don’t want to stream every single day with the current state of things (If I could support myself through youtube/streaming, I’d be more than happy to stream on a daily basis.)

So from now on my streams will still be announced on twitter/facebook, as well as the indicator on my website showing when I’m live. Not only that, they will have a much more reasonable schedule for myself. As the stream gets more popular, I will try to make efforts to stream more, but for now I need to sort everything out.

Long story short, I’m no longer holding my ideas back just because I feel they’re too much like someone else’s work, regardless of how much hate I get from people. Content will be much more frequent from this point on and I will be giving my all into my work. A huge thanks to those of you who actually read this far!



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